Thousands of people gathered in Sheffield City Centre last night to protest against US President Donald Trump.

The protest opposed a recent executive order signed by Trump that bans immigrants from seven countries from entering the US.

The protest, organised by Clara Sandelind, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Sheffield, gathered huge crowds of all ages to show their opposition to the new President’s policies and in particular his targeting of immigrants from Muslim countries.

Chants of “No hate, No fear, Refugees are welcome here” could be heard as protesters showed their opposition to not only President Trump but also British Prime Minister Theresa May who was criticised for failing to challenge Trump on his recent immigration ban in her visit to the US last week.

Third Year Chemical Engineering student Daisy Ash was at the protest and told Forge Press, “I went to show solidarity to the groups being targeted by Trump and express my disgust at the lack of opposition to his policies from Theresa May. It was a great feeling to be amongst like minded people who were also angry at what has been happening not only in the US, but also at our governments inadequate response.”

“I went to show solidarity to the groups being targeted by Trump”

The event, held outside the town hall, featured a wide range of speakers who expressed their opposition to Trump’s attitude towards immigration which has been labelled racist, discriminative, and dangerous by attendees. Councillors, representatives from the Stop the War movement and leaders of groups who assist asylum seekers in Sheffield, as well as several members of the Muslim community spoke to share their concern over the ban and encourage protesters to put pressure on Theresa May to actively oppose the policies of the Trump administration.

Some who talked at the event drew parallels between Trump’s target of those of Muslim faith and the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany.

Several speakers expressed their pleasure at seeing so many attend the protest and noted Sheffield as being a very welcoming, unified and tolerant city.

It was thought that a few members of the EDL were also present however the protest remained peaceful.


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