Kate Nash is quite the character; Her warm, bubbly nature makes her soothingly approachable and profoundly likeable, yet at the same time, she holds an electric aura about her which strikes a brilliant sassy confidence. Nash has experienced the ferocious nature of the music industry first hand and she talks about how it has built her as an artist and as a person.

Nash started her career on MySpace – an unknown ancient relic to many of us students, after being rejected from university and deciding that working at Nando’s wasn’t enough for her. Her music gained lots of attention and she was particularly liked by similar artist Lily Allen who put Kate in her best friends list. Made of Bricks was Kate’s first album in 2007, notable for the chart topping hit ‘Foundations’. Since she has released two albums and is currently on tour.

Feminist YouTube channel Girl Gang TV was Nash’s creation. “We wanted to create more space for women and promote females to be seen as equals and being able to do whatever they want to do and encourage that.” Nash’s sincere passion for feminism is boldly apparent, and she has good reason for it, “We [females] have to experience a lot of bullshit and a lot of sexism in the industry. I’ve had so much sexism from managers, publishers, the media, press, the industry and what women have to go through in the industry is so much more extreme.”

Men taking sexual advantage over women is one of Kate’s experiences of the industry that spurs her feminist views, “One of my managers used to use my name to get girls into clubs and sleep with them. He started managing my female friends and he tried to put his hand up their tops.”

There are also enormous “expectations and pressures” on females from the media. “Publishers get me to guarantee that I’m going to look and sound a certain way for the rest of my life”. Her confidence was consequently shattered when the media described Kate as “fat and ugly” in the past. “The media just want girls to spin out of control. They want the Britney [Spears] 2007 effect for entertainment.”

A change of tide has however been noticed by Nash, “A lot more feminists within media say this is fucked up.” The British diva has learnt from her experiences though and she offers advice to any girl hoping to get into the industry: “Have thick skin, be tough and build up your own confidence. Try and create your own network of people that is a safe environment, people that you trust and see you for who you are and support you and don’t try to put you in a box.” If there’s one piece of poetic advice that Kate would want any aspiring female musician to engrave into their character, it is “don’t give a fuck what people say about you.”

Nash is releasing her EP Agenda in a couple of months on Record Store Day and is starring in the upcoming Netflix drama Glow – about female wrestlers in the 80s.


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