Student politics sounds like a great idea. Who wouldn’t want the students of the university to be involved in its administration? On a wider scale, who would say that student interests shouldn’t be protected and lobbied for on a national level? Students have a powerful voting influence, and are a key demographic for politicians of all stripes to consider, not least because of their useful grass root influence on the campaign trail.

It is a shame then, that those who wield this power are usually ideologically driven egotists

It is a shame then, that those who wield this power are usually ideologically driven egotists, who while occasionally producing relevant policy, usually spend far more time arguing about how best Israel is to be treated or whether or not they should condemn terrorist organisations. The actual concerns and issues of real students who don’t fall on the extremes of the political spectrum are neglected in favour of blind moral posturing, each faction attempting to outdo itself on how pretentious and overbearing they can sound.

The actions of student politicians have about as much relevance to the issues they speak on as your least favourite uncle’s rambles on Facebook expressing his opinion about the French. Often condescending and usually uninformed. Each attempt at passing these irrelevant motions and judgments just further expresses who student politicians actually are, pretend politicians, like children playing dress up with mummy and daddy’s clothing. Cute at times, but ultimately only a juvenile fantasy, not to be taken too seriously.

Maybe student politics can be made great again, but ultimately the irrelevant, often childish actions of major student bodies overshadow its successes and further serve to alienate the majority of students from the bodies which profess to represent them altogether.


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