The Sheffield Students’ Union boycott of the National Student Survey has been successful.

Education Officer Ali Day today confirmed that 48% of third year University of students studying filled out the survey. The NSS requires a completion percentage of 50% to be eligible for use. Day has also stated that further details on the impact of the boycott will be available soon.

The Free University of Sheffield, who played a pivotal role in campaigning for the boycott, said the boycott’s success was “a testament to the hard work put in by grassroots activists”. They also reiterated the “need to organise to sustain the boycott” in response to the government saying they will “use several years of NSS data”.

The SU launched the campaign in February urging students not to fill out the survey to combat the wider issue of rising tuition fees, a product of the University being a part of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).


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