Once described by former poet laureate John Betjeman as “the prettiest suburb in England”, Broomhill is one of Sheffield’s most picturesque outlying areas. Incidentally, it’s also where a large amount of the city’s student population is housed, as the suburb is home to Ranmoor and Endcliffe as well as endless terraced student houses.

Broomhill is safer, cleaner and less of an eyesore than Manchester’s Fallowfield or Leeds’ Hyde, but clearly, we’re avoiding the real issue – can the pubs hold their own? Well, yes. Here’s Broomhill’s top five pubs.

5. The Broomhill Tavern
Let’s be clear – the Broomhill Tavern isn’t a pub designed for students. It very much has the air of a traditional English pub with a regular, tight-knit clientele considerably above the age of your average student. This doesn’t mean, however, that it isn’t a pleasant place to visit. The Broomhill Tavern provides an opportunity to escape from the loudness of everyday student life and have a quiet, relaxed (and cheap) drink.

4. The York
Like the Broomhill Tavern, The York isn’t exactly your standard student haunt. In a way, it’s best kept that way – a visit to The York always feels like an indulgence. The pub’s interior feels strangely like an aristocratic country house, filled with taxidermy and slightly unsettling illustrations accompanied, of course, by the ubiquitous Henderson’s Relish bottle adorning every table. The York is Broomhill’s upmarket alternative to the surrounding student haunts, and a good place to take your parents in an attempt at fooling them that the student life isn’t entirely accompanied by squalor and filth.

The Bloomery

3. The Bloomery
The pub formerly known as The Place, The Bloomery has recently undergone a refurbishment as well as a name change. Featuring pool tables, Sky and BT Sport, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Despite the drinks being on the costlier side, there’s a massive selection to choose from. More of a bar than a pub, the Bloomery lacks the homeliness of Broomhill’s best drinking haunts.

2. Fox and Duck
One of the simple pleasures of being a student in and around Broomhill is being able to grab a Broomhill Friery and sit and eat it in the Fox and Duck over a pint due to the pub’s ‘bring your own food’ policy. The Fox and Duck is also closely affiliated with Sheffield’s Little Critters microbrewery, so they have a great selection of ales at exceptional prices.

1. The Nottingham House
The pies are potentially the best thing to ever happen to Sheffield. Or the North. Or the world. Spectacular pies aside, the Notty House is every student’s favourite Broomhill pub because it strikes near-impossible balance between being authentic and homely as well as friendly, cheap and welcoming to students. Your flatmates will be there. Your course mates will be there. Even that random guy you threw up on in Corp will be there. And with a strong selection of Sheffield’s finest beers, a pile of board games, a weekly quiz that offers a free plate of nachos for participating, as well as frequent live music showcasing local talent, it offers everything you could want from a student pub in Sheffield.

Words by Harry Gold
Featured image credit: The Fox and Duck, Broomhill


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