Welcome to Sheffield, freshers. Ready to party? You better be.

Here’s your guide to the best nights out during Freshers’ Week.

Monday 18th September – Mark Labett hosts the Original Bierkeller Quiz
Yes, you heard right. Mark Labett, otherwise known as Mark ‘The Beast’ Labett (that clever guy from the Chase) will be hosting Biekeller’s weekly quiz.

To enter, it’s just £2 for a team of up to 6 people (sorry if you’ve been whacked into a flat of seven – but then again it is a quiz, it’s probably best to leave the Geography student at the flat anyway). And, you also get a FREE sharing platter for contributing – we know how much students love free stuff.

With £4.00 steins all night, prizes up for grabs and a meet and greet from 10pm, who’s going to turn this one down?

Is there a better way to one up all your mates from home’s Freshers’ pictures on Facebook than having a picture with Mark Labett from The Chase? No, I don’t think so either.

Tuesday 19th September – Modern Love at Maida Vale
If aren’t familiar with West Street yet, you’re in for a treat. Right down at the bottom of the street is Maida Vale, who are launching their new Indie Disco night this Freshers’. Love the Arctic Monkeys? Love The Smiths? Want a place that welcomes your edgy shirts, your Gallagher bowl cut and your love of Tame Impala? Here you have it, taking place every single Tuesday from 10pm – 2am.

With free entry, £2.50 double vodka mixers and 4 whole hours of your favourite tunes, this new night is almost impossible to say no to.

Pop down to Maida Vale’s massive launch night event on Tuesday 19th September, to see a guest DJ set from Jamie MacColl from Bombay Bicycle Club. This is possibly the most exciting thing to happen to Sheffield since Honey G did a DJ set at Code.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for other Modern Love events, as Maida Vale are also hosting the Amazons’ official after party on 3rd October after their sold out Leadmill Show.

Wednesday 20th September – Skool Disco at Corporation
Forget your induction week. Forget the welcome talks. This will be your official introduction to the University of Sheffield. Welcome to Corp, the place you will probably dedicate every single Wednesday night to for the rest of the next year.

If you haven’t yet heard of the ‘Corp Wednesday’, it’s probably every Fresher’s favourite place in Sheffield. With three different rooms playing three different types of music, 80p vodka mixers and Corp’s infamous £2.40 blue pints, you’ll learn to love this place more than your own family.

Dress up in your school shirt and tie for £3 entry before midnight every Wednesday. See you there.

Thursday 21st September – Miami Rice at The Harley
This event probably won’t be at the top of every fresher’s agenda, but it’s definitely not one to be missed. The Harley are hosting their very own tropical themed disco party, dropping the grooviest funk, soul, disco, house, R&B and afrobeat tunes. Whack on some fancy dress and turn up at any point during the night for just £4 entry. Who doesn’t want to spend their Thursday night dressed as a giant palm tree? With your fancy dress, your sunglasses and a Red Stripe (or three) in hand, this will most definitely be a night to remember. Or probably forget. After all, it is Freshers’.

Friday 22nd September – Bonkers Bingo at Mecca Bingo
Forget sitting in an old, small bingo hall with a packet of crisps and your grandad. Welcome to Bonkers Bingo. It’s mad. It’s crazy. Some would even say it’s bonkers. With rubbish prizes, massive tunes and loads of alcohol, how else would you want to spend your Friday night?

Saturday 23rd September – Danza at Tank
Sheffield’s Underground Music Venue, Tank, are launching a brand new event – Danza, showcasing some of the biggest names in house music including Solardo, Cristoph and Mihalis Safras. It’s open from 11.30pm – 6 in the morning, which is perfect if you’ve ended up a bit nocturnal during Freshers’ Week.

Words by Ellie Conlon


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