Love it or loathe it, Freshers’ Week is upon us! Whether you’re a pub quiz champion, dark fruits dancing queen or a proud Southerner on a bar crawl up North – Freshers’ Week in Sheffield has something for everyone.

My love affair with Sheffield began in Freshers’ Week of first year, and three years down the line we’re still going strong. One of the key elements that makes Freshers’ Week in Sheffield brilliant is the Students’ Union. Whether it’s during the manic Freshers’ events in the daytime, or the club events at night – Freshers’ Week will keep you on your toes from day one. You’ll soon understand why it’s ranked the best Students’ Union in the country.

There is something for everyone at Freshers’ Week in Sheffield.

For a lot of people, Freshers’ Week is about having the ultimate nights out, and the sheer variety of club nights alone is amazing. One night you’ll be bopping away to ABBA on the stage at Pop Tarts and the next you’ll be screaming ‘I bet that you look good on the dancefloor’ at the Leadmill silent disco.

Yes, clubs like Corporation and Code are particularly grimy and your favourite Converses will be lucky to survive the night, but it’s all part of the city’s rough and ready charm. Whether you’re walking into Freshers’ Week in a sparkly dress and heels or a pair of polka-dot dungarees – Sheffield doesn’t care. Sheffield tells you your outfit is fab, invites you to do a Jägerbomb, and then drags you back to the dancefloor because the Arctic Monkeys are playing (again). I’ve done Freshers’ dressed up, dressed down and occasionally I’ve done fancy dress, but I’ve never once felt out of place.

I love that each night has the potential to be completely different from the last. If Freshers’ Week starts to tire you out (from personal experience this happens by Thursday) there are alternative events throughout the week which will provide you with some hangover recovery time. In the daytime, it’s good to explore the city and take advantage of all the initial Freshers’ offers in various shops and restaurants. At night, there are events such as live music, karaoke nights or pub quizzes as a great clubbing alternative. It’s incredibly cliché to say, but there literally is something for everyone at Freshers’ Week in Sheffield.

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Words by Amy King
Image credit: Adam Bruderer


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