The University of Sheffield Volleyball Women’s 1s secured a win after defeating The University of Sunderland 1s 25-21 in the last set of the match.    

The black and gold team looked shaky in the first few minutes of the first set of the match with Sunderland taking the lead.  

However, Sheffield didn’t let the lead distract them and remained focused. Not long after, they gained their momentum soon and eventually won the first set of the match.

Sheffield showed promising signs in the second set of the match with a defence that proved tough for Sunderland to break through.

The Uni of remained consistent with their attacks, placing Sunderland in a very difficult spot and hence widening the score gap between both teams further.

The Uni of continued to be ruthless with their attacks and took the lead 19-11 at time out.  The Uni of kept their composure and eventually won the second set with 25-14 points.

In the third set of the match, the Uni Of dominance was challenged with Sunderland leading the match 4-1 in the first few minutes of the game. The game continued to intensify as the minutes passed by with both teams putting up strong defense and attacks.

The Uni Of finally found a breakthrough and equalised the score 4-4 later in the game.  

Both teams put on such great performance and the score constantly became a tie in the following minutes of the game.

The Uni of attacks were strongly defended by Sunderland, which was reflected in the score-line of 14-14.

The game continued to accelerate with both teams going neck and neck and left no room for mistakes.

After a tough final set, The Black and Gold emerged as winners of the match with 25-21 points.

Captain of Sheffield Chloe Williamson said: “We had a few moments but overall we played really well today!”

The Uni of showed impressive determination in all three sets of the game and won three out of five sets against the opposition.


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