The University of Sheffield Palestine Society gathered with locals citizens at Sheffield City Hall to protests comments made by Donald Trump earlier this week.

The protest, organised by Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign, was held on Saturday afternoon in response to Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He also announced plans to move the US embassy there from its current location of Tel Aviv.

Both Israelis and Palestinians claim Jerusalem to be their capital, but neither claim is widely recognised worldwide. Trump’s decision to ignore Palestine in this matter has sparked huge uproar, with Palestinians taking to the streets of the Gaza Strip to protest on Thursday.

The protesters in Gaza, setting alight tyres and throwing stones, were met with tear gas, rubber bullets and even live ammunition from Israeli troops. 31 Palestinians were wounded during the clash.

Protests have since been held in cities across the UK, and many congregated in Sheffield’s city centre to show solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Banners read “Hands off Jerusalem” and “Trump – Jerusalem is not yours to give away”, and Palestine flags were waved as locals and students came together.

A spokesperson for the University of Sheffield Palestine Society said: “The UN and the international community recognise East Jerusalem as occupied territory. Trump proclaiming it as capital of Israel legitimises the ongoing colonisation and illegal occupation of Palestinian land. We’re proud to have mobilised students for this protest, we’ll continue to organise against Israeli apartheid on campus throughout the year.”  



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