Tramlines will be united at one site in Hillsborough Park on the weekend of 20 July, it has been confirmed by the organisers of the festival.

In previous years, the different stages have been separate, meaning attendees had to travel between them. Last year, shuttle buses were organised between the stages at Ponderosa, Devonshire Green and the Folk Forest at Endcliffe Park.

This year sees Tramlines at a bigger venue in Hillsborough Park, which has been licensed for up to 40,000 people.

Festival director Sarah Nulty said: “We really wanted to do something different for the 10th anniversary and moving to a bigger park means we can include lots of extra interesting elements and deliver more than just music – although saying that, we’re going bigger than we ever have before with the lineup.

“We always wanted to be a city-wide festival and this just extends the footprint that little bit further.

“We’re really proud of what we’re delivering for the 10th year and can’t wait to unveil it completely.”

They are planning for the venue to be open longer, starting at around midday on the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend, and 3PM on the Friday.

There will be four stages at this year’s 10th anniversary edition of the festival. There will be an addition of a Leadmill stage, led by the iconic Sheffield indie club on Saturday, and Jon McClure of Reverend and the Makers on the Saturday.

A Library stage is also being added as well, which will give attendees a place to see live performances from new artists.

The ‘Into The Trees’ area, which was launched in Ponderosa at last year’s festival, is to be expanded, to offer more family friendly entertainment during the day and party DJs from 7PM.

Tickets for this year’s festival have been selling fast, with Early Bird, Tier 1 and Tier 2 having all sold out already.

Extra trams will be put on in order to get people to and from the venue, but a ticket to the festival will not get free public transport on the weekend.

Hillsborough Park is a 13-minute ride from the city centre on the tram.

Parts of the park not being used by the festival will be left open to the public.


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