Welcome to Forge News’ daily election round-up, coming out every day until voting on next year’s Students’ Union officers closes at 5pm on Thursday next week.

We’ll be looking at the good and the bad happening around SU Officer elections this week, helping you decide who you want to vote for.

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Campaigning kicks off

Election campaigning properly kicked off on Friday morning, with the Students’ Union covered with banners, leaflets and candidates clamouring for your vote.

The candidate videos have also been released on the Students’ Union YouTube page and make for some entertaining viewing.

The launch of campaigning also saw the release of the new issue of Forge Press, including the Candidates Guide. Check it out around the Students’ Union or online here.

Jumping the gun

It’s not been a good start to the campaign for doing things on time. For a start, the SU released the candidate guide two days early on Issuu – when the information was still private.

Activities Officer candidate Luke Hawtin also released his Twitter campaign page before campaigning had even started, although he quickly realised his mistake and took it down before anyone started following.

Sports over-spending

Saskia Marriott, Sports Officer candidate, was overheard saying that she had overspent on her campaign already, when the entire budget set by the SU is a mere £40. Since realising her gaffe, Forge understands she returned some of her spending to bring her back in line with regulations and you can expect to see her around the SU and University, handing out cakes rather than flyers (so sustainable!)

George Bunngle

Candidate for Education Officer George Bunn highlighted every SU society’s confusion about where they can put up posters by sticking their banners up up in front of the big screens on Gallery Terrace. @GuidoForge caught the before and (the swift) after on Twitter.

Candidate Zone

It can be a tough time for candidates and so the SU have been providing them with a few comforts to get them through, including the candidates’ own private area on Gallery Terrace. The space offers them a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the elections over the next week and a half and last year launched many long-lasting friendships.

Twitter twits

And lastly, three officer candidates were caught up in a bizarre Twitter conversation on Friday.

Cian O’Herily (Welfare), Elliott O’Rourke (President) and George Bunn (Education) were seen to be talking about the elections, with Cian and Elliott jokingly accusing each other of being the “best worst candidate”.

George then suggested that Elliott wanted Cian to fist him (referring to the fist on Cian’s campaign poster). While some initially found these tweets quite shocking, Forge has been assured by those involved that this was all banter between friends.


That’s it for today, but come back tomorrow for more election news from around the Students’ Union and don’t forget to join us in View Deli from 7.00pm for Forge Debates tomorrow.


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