Welcome back to your daily round-up of the election news, during the Officer Elections at Sheffield Students’ Union.

Quiet day at the office

It’s been a quieter day of campaigning today, with much more attention focused on the ongoing UCU strike, which has seen lots of University contact hours cancelled.

Some candidates were spotted at picket lines around campus: Lilian Jones (President), Katharine Swindells (Welfare), Mel Acquah (Women’s), George Bunn (Education), Anna Crump Raiswell (Education) and Tebby Maritim (International) were sighted supporting the striking lecturers.

Start a revolution from her bed

Kerry Miller, candidate for President, is joining the army of people struck down with illness throughout the University but isn’t letting that get in the way of her campaign.

She posted a picture on Twitter of her in bed, holding one of her campaign signs and promising to answer questions in between cups of tea and bowls of soup.

Yoga doesn’t relax people
Last night was the roundtable for candidates for Sports Officer, and it got slightly heated. Saskia Marriott, Hope Williams and Gemma Upton got engaged in a debate over how sports teams can be defined as big or small.

Saskia says it is more a case of “popular or unpopular” and Hope thinks some sports feel overlooked, using the example of jujitsu being moved to make room for more yoga classes. She accused Sport Sheffield of being run like a business, without students in mind.

She was asked by Saskia whether the yoga classes weren’t for students, to which Hope replied that they were part of S10 and are thus open to everyone.

You can listen back to the roundtable here.

Role confusion

In a pre-debate warm-up question on Tuesday night, President candidate Andrew Baker said he initially planned to run for a “different role” but “would’ve made too many enemies”.

Forge News contacted Andrew to ask what he meant by this, after a number of Forge members assumed he meant he intended to run for Women’s Officer. We have yet to hear back from him.

New methods of vote-winning

Candidates are finding ever more innovative ways of winning votes for their campaigns – today has seen them writing their slogans on the floor in chalk.

Presumably this is to win the votes of people trudging back from their 9AM seminar, with their eyes planted firmly on their feet.

Is Rex a time traveller?

Twitter user ‘General Incompetence’ tweeted Guido Forge, asking if the account supports “Rexism” – linking International Officer candidate Roxanne Bechu with a far-right Belgian political party from the 1930s and 1940s. A niche reference if ever there was one. The account was set up specifically to send that tweet, bizarrely.

It can be safely assumed that Rex is from this century and has no links with that particular party.


Shelby gets the best endorsement
In perhaps the most bizarre story of the election, it has emerged that Shelby Storey, who is running for President, is followed by former US President Barack Obama.

She is one of just over 625,000 people that the ex-President follows, compared to the 100 million followers that he has.

Wrap up the race now, I say.

Bourgeois Horse
It’s that time again. It’s the point in the election cycle where Twitter’s own @BourgeoisHorse is ramping up their efforts to be noticed.

No-one quite knows who the account is, but this year they’ve returned with the name “#SheShouldGallop” and is asking for the Students’ Union to stop censoring them.

Don’t worry, we have no idea either.


Join us again tomorrow, where we will bring you the news from tonight’s debate, which you can of course follow on Facebook and YouTube, from 7:30PM.



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