Welcome back to your daily round-up of the election news, during the Officer Elections at Sheffield Students’ Union.

Snow way to live

Candidates have been battling through the heavy snow in Sheffield today to get down to the SU without falling over to get some more votes.

However, with the strikes and the typical student mentality, there hasn’t been as many people around the SU today, making it tough as we get towards the end of the campaign cycle.

That hasn’t slowed down voting though, and at the time of writing more than 22,000 votes have been cast by 5,000 voters, a turnout of 15.97%.

She is the music Mel, she comes from far away

Women’s Officer candidate Mel Acquah is using her musical talent to win over potential voters. She was spotted around the Students’ Union with an acoustic guitar, persuading people to vote for her.

Late night, late votes

Two candidates took the opportunity to campaign to The Tuesday Club revellers last night. Elliott O’Rourke (President) and Amber Xinwen Zhang (Education) were sighted near the Arts Tower, talking to people on their way to the club night at Foundry.


This’ll be the last daily round-up of the Elections, as we’ll all be much too busy working on Results tomorrow night, which you can follow on Forge TV’s YouTube page.


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