Women led a march through the city in support of the UCU strike over proposed changes to pensions.

The march coincided with International Women’s Day, and Women’s Officer Celeste Jones says it was to show how the two issues should be connected, rather than campaigned on separately.

The march started at 12:00PM outside the Arts Tower, culminating in a demonstration outside City Hall in Barker’s Pool.

The scene was very similar to recent similar marches by the University and College Union in Sheffield. They are in the midst of 14 days of strike action over proposed changes which could see their pensions based on investment performance rather than workers’ contributions.

At the demonstration, there were speeches from several people including Celeste Jones, the Sheffield UCU branch secretary Sarah Staniland, and Liz Lawrence, the former President of UCU.

Celeste spoke about how pensions cuts are a feminist issue, and highlighted how Sheffield Students’ Union has made “herstory” in the past week by election an all-female SU Officers team for the first time ever.

Talking to Forge Press, she said: “International Women’s Day is still a really important day and we need to celebrate this throughout the world and recognise women’s achievements so far but it’s also important to remember that we’ve still got such a long way to go to achieve parity between genders.

“Today’s march was really empowering. It’s so important to recognise that pensions are a feminist issue and I think it was such a lovely way to commemorate International Women’s Day by all marching in solidarity because austerity affects minority groups the most.”


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