A dramatic police chase this afternoon culminated in a car crash on the Netherthorpe Road roundabout.

The high-speed pursuit saw four police cars, two of which were unmarked, chase a silver Vauxhall Vectra up Weston Street and onto Bolsover Street. They sped past the Arts Tower before mounting the roundabout next to the IC, where it crashed into a sign and came to a halt.

One of the unmarked police cars also collided with the Vauxhall, while the others surrounded the perpetrator and apprehended a white man in jeans and a hoodie, who was later taken away in a riot van.

Students in the IC looked on at the unfolding drama with a perfect view of the incident. Meanwhile journalism student Maisie Green was walking towards town when she saw the incident occur. She said: “I heard sirens so turned around and saw four police cars chasing a car with two guys in it. I thought it was a bit odd but didn’t think much to it.

“Then as I was crossing the traffic lights near the roundabout, the car crashed into the roundabout. The traffic was at a standstill and people walking past stopped what they were doing to have a look. It was a pretty tense atmosphere. I felt quite overwhelmed by it all.”

At this time it’s not known what initiated the chase and subsequent arrest, and whether or not the police have charged the apprehended man. Forge will keep you updated as soon as more information becomes available.


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