Labour Sheffield Hallam MP Jared O’Mara has today announced that he will step back from his parliamentary duties on the advice of his GP.

O’Mara said in a statement: “Following a deterioration in my health and wellbeing over the past few days, and following a consultation with my GP, I have been advised to curtail my parliamentary duties in Westminster for the time being.”

After beating Lib Dem Nick Clegg in the 2017 General Election, O’Mara was suspended from the Labour Party in October after multiple historic, controversial online posts emerged, as well as claims he verbally assaulted a women, something which he denies.

This is the second time the MP has been signed off from Westminster duties by his doctor.

In December it was announced that he would not be attending Parliament for medical reasons, but he pledged to continue to work for his constituents despite this.

However, the Yorkshire Post revealed at the time that the MP was not at his constituency office, nor could his office manager reveal the last time he turned up for work or helped a constituent.

O’Mara defeated Nick Clegg to win the Sheffield Hallam seat last year (picture: YouTube)

The MP was reinstated by Labour last Tuesday after making a public apology, receiving a formal warning and being made to attend mandatory training. In an interview with ITV Calendar last week, he admitted he had made multiple suicide attempts during his suspension.

In a turn of events, O’Mara then resigned from the Labour Party just days after he had been reinstated. He said in an open letter to constituents: “I didn’t commit any crimes, yet I have been made unfairly to feel like a criminal.

“Nobody should be made to feel ashamed for mistakes they make when they are young.”

Now stepping back from his parliamentary duties, he had enquired about participating in votes despite his absence but was turned down, with the Speakers’ Office saying: “The Speaker has no power to allow absent Members to vote by proxy.”

Continuing to work for his constituents as an independent MP, O’Mara said: “I am very disappointed that I have been excluded from being allowed to represent my constituents in Sheffield Hallam in such a way.

“I will continue to pursue this matter and am working hard to get myself back to full health.”

On Monday Labour said they would be offering continued support to O’Mara, thought to be a direct order of leader Jeremy Corbyn who is said to be concerned for his health.



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