We can all agree that starting university is a pretty daunting prospect. But as a fresher you will soon learn is that there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. Nevertheless, to give you a helping hand before you arrive in Sheffield in September, here are five quick freshers tips.

Join your accommodation group chat

If you are going into halls, then absolutely go on Facebook and check out your accommodation page and join the appropriate group chat. This gives you the great opportunity to learn who you’ll be living with before moving day. Whether it’s to discuss what  items everyone is hauling down from home with them, or simply getting to know the people who may quickly become your closest friends, it’s a great way to reduce those pre-move nerves.

Don’t panic and pre-book freshers events

Although other freshers may have experienced slightly different results from the ‘buy now or miss out!!!’ tickets that go flying out pre-freshers week, I would not recommend getting sucked into the supposed ‘great freshers deals’ that get advertised on social media. I had a few flatmates who splashed out on a £70 wristband for a week of freshers events that they maybe got two nights use out of. Don’t panic, the chances are that when they tell you there are only a limited number of tickets left, there are far more than they want you to believe. I’d recommend waiting until moving day, then getting together with your flat mates and exploring the city together.

Make a lot of cups of tea

As strange as this sounds, don’t worry, there is method to the madness. Moving day is often stressful, tearful, and honestly, just plain awkward. With everyone moving in at different times and families filtering off home at various points, knowing how and when to try and socialise with your flatmates can be a hard thing to gauge. If you find yourself at a loose end after unpacking your things, go to the kitchen and make a cup of tea, see who you run into and start a conversation. It really is the easiest way to make friends, because who doesn’t like tea?

Swot up on your card games

I did haul with me my own pack of playing cards for my freshers week, but a helpful welcome pack actually included one already (if you’re wondering why every fresher of 2017 has a pack of GiffGaff playing cards, you now know why), so don’t worry too much about remembering your own. What you should do, however, is go bug your friends and family about the card games you used to while away the hours with. I cannot tell you how many nights my flatmates and I found ourselves sitting round the kitchen table getting to know each other over an ice-breaking game of go fish. It really is a great conversation starter, not to mention perfect tool for those pre-drink sessions.

Stop stressing

I know, after two years of A-Levels, personal statements, and oh-my-god-my-life-is-over breakdowns, stress just seems like part of the daily routine, right? But university will be the best time of your life. Trust me. Just don’t expect it to all come together straight away. Living with strange people in a strange place isn’t supposed to be easy, and there may be a few homesick tears, but stick with it and I promise you that it may just be the best thing you ever do.


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