The new International Students’ Officer, Rex Béchu, is to launch a new alcohol-free night out at the Students’ Union next month.

The ‘Mocktail Lounge’ is to run in Coffee Revolution twice a month, and will offer non-alcoholic cocktails, live music and snacks. It is being advertised as somewhere for people to go after a long week of lectures.

Rex said: “When I decided to run for International Students’ Officer, I really wanted to include more underage students and non-drinkers in the social life of the SU.

“I talked to a few people in the entertainments team and they were really keen on meeting this demand, and everyone was excited.

“It’s been an amazing journey to create Mocktail Lounge which such impressive, smart, innovative individuals. The process was long but thanks to the SU’s wonderful teams it was really enjoyable.”

The first event is on Friday 14 September at 7pm.

The inclusive event is not restricted to underage students and non-drinkers, despite it being aimed at them. Students of all ages and nationalities are encouraged to attend, regardless of whether they drink or not.



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