Students at the University of Sheffield have been revealed to be the most sleep deprived in the country, with almost half admitting that they feel this way on a daily basis.

In a study by home interior designers Hillary’s, over 2,000 respondents from around the country were quizzed about their sleeping habits, with 74 per cent admitting that they don’t get enough sleep at night.

Staying up late watching TV and nights out were among the top reasons given by students for not getting enough rest. The majority of respondents – 83 per cent, also admitted they have had to pull an all-nighter to meet deadlines.

The University of Sheffield was found to be home to the most sleep deprived students, with 49 per cent, while the University of the West of England followed close behind with 47 per cent. Students at York, Warwick and Cardiff completed the top five.

Hillary’s said partying and hours spent in the library make late nights a big part of the typical student experience. Picture: Ranmoor Village student halls, Geograph

The study also uncovered that, if you want to get enough shut-eye, you should stay away from studying healthcare, with those studying the subject managing just under five hours of sleep per night on average.

49% of university of sheffield students need more sleep

Other sleepless subjects included marketing management, law, sports coaching and economics, all coming in at under six hours of sleep per night on average.

Many respondents also admitted that they snuck in naps between lectures and seminars during the day, which could cause them getting less sleep during the night.

Information Commons library at the Uni of Sheffield. Picture: Flickr

Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hillary’s, said: “Late nights are very much part of the typical student experience, whether it’s from hours spent in the library studying or out partying to celebrate exam results.

“However, it’s important to try and make sure that these don’t become too regular – a decent night’s sleep brings a whole host of physical and mental benefits, ensuring you’re feeling your best.”



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