Around 4,000 McFlurrys and hundreds of Domino’s pizza slices flew off the shelves at an historic Freshers’ Fair yesterday as the university term opened in style.

A freebie extravaganza described as the “best ever” by the University’s student communication team, thousands of new and returning Uni of Sheffield students packed out the Octagon.

Queues were seen all day outside the new McDonalds McFlurry van, starring for the first time at this year’s event, with staff saying at 3.45pm that 3,844 of the classic ice creams had been dished out in just five hours.

The concourse was filled with crowds from the moment the event opened. Picture: Ewan Somerville

Scenes of freebie overload were witnessed as the national Vegetarian Society sold out more than 400 boxes of approved vegetarian food, including protein shakes, pesto sauce, and salted caramel nuts.

“We do a lot of public events but this has definitely been a lot more popular,” said Rebecca Smith, marketing officer at the charity.

The McFlurry van was whipping up a crowd on the concourse. Picture: Ewan Somerville
Even Tinder turned up. Picture: Ewan Somerville

Teaming up with the Students’ Union’s Veg Soc at the event, it joins a further 1,500 food boxes given out to freshers at Birmingham, York and Huddersfield universities.

She added: “It’s a great way to help us support companies that are vegetarian and also to show people how easy it is to become vegetarian – especially future generations because at the moment our main following is middle aged.”

Rebecca Smith from the Vegetarian Society, and Charlotte Oliver of the SU’s VegSoc. Picture: Ewan Somerville
Domino’s free pizza proved a hit. Picture: Ewan Somerville

Wagamama’s spinning wheel proved popular, with students able to win free chilli squid and even a chicken katsu curry.

Students struggled to resist the free pizza offered by Domino’s and chilled orange Lucozade cans, and it was like moths to a flame when online fashion retailer BooHoo revealed free donuts.

Greggs gave students a taste of the Northern spirit. Picture: Ewan Somerville

As a true introduction to the North, Greggs were also offering free sandwiches, crisps and drinks to the hungry and the Southern.

With the companies ranging from big to weird and wonderful, dating site Tinder also had a stall with an ‘If you dare.. Virtual Reality’ contest for the chance of winning a free holiday.

Surprisingly, the crowds were not spotted flocking towards Sheffield City Council’s offering of bags containing free apples.



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