Famed for its diversity in dance music, The Tuesday Club went one step further and provided one of the UK’s finest hip-hop talents this week. Ocean Wisdom is a Camden lad who has only emerged on the scene within the past two years after releasing his debut album Chaos 93 in 2016. Already widely regarded as one of the best in the business due to his rapid flow, the Students’ Union did extremely well to bring this talent to Sheffield.

The night kicked off in regular style with resident DJ Andy H. His eclectic music taste showed as he adjusted his usual dance tunes to perform a CD scratching hip-hop set, playing the likes of Bugzy Malone’s ‘Warning’, ‘Hip Hop’ by Dead Prez and I found myself Shazamming a rap anthem I’d not heard before- ‘Jim Dean’ by Evidence. The scene was set.

Second up were two slightly tragic blokes with their matching puffer parka coats on. Not made any better by the fact one of them had to hold his hood up with his hand because it kept falling over his eyes. But don’t tell them I said that, they looked hard as nails. MCs Kannan Revolution gave it their best shot but unfortunately, the crowd were there for one act and one act only. It showed. As their set came towards an end the hype began to build and the crowd became restless. Elbows were flying as the crowd swayed together from left to right.  

Before the man himself came out on stage, his DJ came on and played a unique bassline/ trap crossover which got the crowd going crazy. Crazier than I’ve ever seen it before after three years of going to Tuesday Club. It was like a zoo. Finally, Ocean Wisdom walked out, dressed perfectly. Take note parka boys. He repped a durag and a long black Comme De Garcons puffer over the top of an all-black combination of tracksuit bottoms, a sweatshirt and a NICCE shotta bag, all topped off with the black Nike Airs. Dressed the part, he opened with his biggest hit ‘Revvin’, which caused the place to erupt. I’ve never seen anyone with a flow like Ocean Wisdom – it’s difficult to comprehend how he actually does it. It became really noticeable when the DJ cut the music and he was left freestyling over the top of nothing but the sound of the crowd going crazy for him. Other hit tunes ‘Tom & Jerry’ and ‘Righteous’ were played before he decided to “make it grime”. The DJ mixed the ‘Hypnotise’ beat with his own grime beat, which formulated the ideal backbeat for Ocean to spit bars to. His partner on stage was the perfect hype man, shouting “When I say Ocean, you say Wisdom…” getting the crowd fired up. Doing a full circle, the set ended just how it started with ‘Revvin’. As he left the stage I genuinely felt like I’d just seen an artist at work, and I even got a fist bump from him.

Image: Ocean Wisdom


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