A ‘major incident’ has been declared as a brand new Sheffield tram has been hit by a lorry and derailed.

Reports say the new Stagecoach tram-train, on its first day of service, came off the tracks in the Attercliffe area causing public transport chaos around the city.

No one is believed to be seriously injured, but emergency services are at the scene of the ‘wrecked’ tram as the recovery operation continues into the evening.

Stanniforth Road is blocked, causing the 52 and 52a bus services to divert between Attercliffe and Darnall and passengers are warned to expect heavy delays.

The pilot ‘tram-train’ project, unveiled today, has faced criticism after costs mounted from the initial £15m to £75m.

The scene of the ‘wrecked’ brand new tram this evening. Picture: Ewan Somerville

At the scene: Ewan Somerville, Forge Press

It’s 7pm, around four hours after the tram-train derailed on its first run, but the recovery operation is continuing here in Attercliffe.

Blue lights can be seen as the police corden off Stanniforth Road, and maintenance workers are still examining the extent of damage to the £75m tram.

A truck has arrived to recover the lorry that crashed into the tram, and seemingly almost straight into a traffic light pole as well, as it remains covering the tracks.

But the real damage here is that what was supposed to be a successful day for Stagecoach and Network Rail, launching their long-awaited and expensive new venture, has ended in huge travel disruption across the city and more than a little embarrassment.

Forge Press was at the scene as recovery efforts continue into the evening. Picture: Ewan Somerville

A national first, the new venture will see three trains every hour run between Sheffield and Rotherham, using both tram tracks and train rails.

But tonight, Sheffield is left with no direct tram service from from the city centre to Meadowhall, as trams from the city will be terminating at Cricket Inn Road, and trams from Meadowhall will terminate at the Arena stop.

Forge Press was at the scene this evening. Picture: Ewan Somerville


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