Despite being in Sheffield for coming up on five years now, I only discovered Alive After Five’s fortnight-long event ‘Dine Sheffield’ this year. I’m greedy and bad with money, so naturally I went to three restaurants in the space of a week and a half to really make the most of the experience, and here I’ll do my best to rank them.

The first was a triple date with two other couples to OHM, next to Revolution. We managed to time it with Happy Hour, so my judgement herein is somewhat clouded. They do excellent cocktails, and it’s very reasonable if you get a deal like we did. The food deal was two courses for £10, with an extra course for £2.95. For that tenner I got seven mozzarella sticks, which were delicious, and a ‘quarter bird’ with fries, which was unremarkable. The chicken was moist enough, but it was hardly an explosion of flavour. I’m reliably informed the puddings were good, but I opted for a liquid dessert. I wouldn’t have paid any more than £10 for what I got, but it was absolutely fine. The best part of the whole night was our waitress, who was an absolute angel and incredibly attentive with regards to my friend’s gluten intolerance. None of us can remember her name, but she was fantastic, and I’m a little bit in love with her.

The second was a trip with an old friend to Revolucion de Cuba with a friend I’ve known since I was 12, ,who had a 3-for-£10 tapas deal. Usually their tapas is 3-for-£14, which isn’t a shabby saving. Once again we accidentally timed it to coincide with Happy Hour; this was a far better deal than OHM, in my opinion, as Cuba Revs allows you to mix and match, unlike OHM. I opted for cheeseburger tacos, calamari, and honey roasted vegetables. The vegetables were easily the best part of my meal, because I love veg, but the calamari was a close second. The tacos left me disappointed, in part because the coriander wasn’t chopped and had just been lobbed unceremoniously on top of the meat like an afterthought. As with OHM, the cocktails stood out as being the best part of the meal, but it’s entirely likely that says more about me than the restaurants.

The last deal I allowed for myself was a £5 burger at Firepit Rocks, on West Street. I was hesitant, because I loved the food at Firepit before it rebranded as a dive bar, and they’ve massively reduced their menu. Confession: I didn’t actually get the £5 deal. My boyfriend did though, so this is based on his opinion of his lunch. The deal applied to all of their main attraction burgers, which normally run to £8 or £9. He opted for the ‘Big Ol Brekkie Burger’, which was a monstrosity of a burger. Containing a double cheeseburger, a sausage, two hash browns, a fried egg, sliced cheese, ‘pig bits’, buffalo sauce, and salad, it was the size of his head and more than worth the fiver he paid. He managed to eat the whole thing, citing it as ‘delicious’, and said he’d get it again and pay full price.

My one regret about my Dine Sheffield choices was that I wasn’t more adventurous. Had my bank balance allowed I would have pushed the boat out. While the deals have now ended, keep an eye on the Alive After Five website for future offers. I’d absolutely recommend it.

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