Gourmet Burger Kitchen was one of a few places I ate during the Dine Sheffield fortnight, although having eaten there before I knew what to expect.

If you don’t know what Dine Sheffield is, it’s an initiative run by Alive After Five which offers cheap meals out for two weeks a year, generally in the city centre. GBK was one of the restaurants taking part, along with the likes of Pieminister and Bloo 88.

Generally they offer a set menu, which was the case with GBK – you could get the classic beef and chicken burger, along with the classic cheeseburger. However, it was better value than normally, costing £15 for two burgers and a side.

We both had the classic cheeseburger, although my dining companion is gluten-free which, while we knew that GBK offered wheat-free buns as we’ve eaten there before, we were worried it wouldn’t be included in the deal but they were very accommodating.

She had her burger cooked well done, while mine was medium, and we both opted for the American cheese on top rather than cheese sauce. It turned out to be a wise choice too, as it complemented the burger quite well.

The side options, however, left a little to be desired. We went for the chunky skin-on fries, knowing they weren’t gluten-free. We’ve done this before, as their gluten-free side options are somewhat lacking and while I didn’t mind eating all the chips (my waistline probably didn’t appreciate it as much), it would’ve been nice to share the one side we had.

On the bright side, however, the chips were delicious and left me digging the last scraps out of the bottom of the bucket. The Hei Hei salt, one of GBK’s own products, also made a fantastic addition and I wish I’d discovered it before I’d eaten half the chips.

In terms of drinks, I had a 500ml bottle of Budvar while she had a chocolate milkshake. I received some lovely comments from the serving staff about my pouring technique, which definitely made it seem better value.

Overall, we enjoyed our trip to GBK, and the Dine Sheffield deal definitely made it worthwhile, although it perhaps wasn’t as good value as some of the other offers they had at different restaurants during the week.


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