The Sheffield restaurant that named a burger after Harvey Weinstein has descended into rent arrears and been told it is a criminal offence to enter their own building.

‘Randy’s Hardcore Burgers’ was slammed as “intolerable” and put under the grill on social media worldwide for adding a burger named after the shamed Hollywood producer, accused of sexual assault by more than 70 women, to the menu.

The Feminist Society at the University of Sheffield accused the burger joint, whose menu also features the ‘Casting Couch’ and ‘Fake Taxi’ burgers, of  “mocking rape and sexual assault”.

After Forge Press visited the restaurant, shrouded in darkness only a matter of weeks after opening, we can reveal that a notice dated yesterday, 4 December, states that the Randy’s owners have not paid rent for more than 14 days meaning their tenancy is “now forfeit”.

The chorus of calls for Randy’s to be ‘shut down’ after the menu emerged, appear to have become true.

‘The police will be informed’

The rent arrears order. Credit: Ewan Somerville

The notice goes on to read: “You may not now lawfully regain entry to the premises without making an application to the court.

“Any attempt to gain entry will be treated as a criminal act and the police will be informed.”

In a statement, the restaurant apologised for the “insensitive naming of the Weinstein burger”, and hoped that Sheffield locals would “understand that we are guilty of nothing more than poor taste”.

‘You’re not welcome in Sheffield’

The menu before ‘the Weinstein’ was removed under public pressure. FemSoc is calling for the full menu at Randy’s Sheffield to be rebranded. Picture: Randy’s

But many were left outraged on Twitter, labelling the “just poor taste” apology as ‘missing the bigger picture’, not going far enough and feeding into a culture of trivialising sexual assault.

Jaq Chell said on Twitter: “You need to stop this. You’re being not tongue-in-cheek, you’re making light of sexual assault. Fake Taxi? Weinstein? Your burger names are not welcome in Sheffield.”

The condemnation spread nationally, and was even picked up by Fox News and The New York Post.

Randy’s is shrouded in darkness a matter of weeks after opening. Credit: Ewan Somerville

“We find it both shocking and intolerable that you would make a decision to capitalise on those who have been raped or sexually assaulted, in an attempt to sell burgers,” FemSoc said.

Labour MP for Sheffield Heeley Louise Haigh called it “grotesque” and said she won’t be visiting Randy’s.

A Twitter user commented: “This isn’t banter. It’s puerile, ill-considered, and wholly unacceptable. Please sort yourselves out and change this ridiculous and offensive menu.”



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