The Tuesday Club has brought us some huge names in underground music so far this year and welcoming the drum and bass dream team SASASAS to Sheffield was sure to be a big night. The group, made up of DJ Phantasy, Stormin MC, Harry Shotta, Shabba D, MC Skibadee and Macky Gee, who played The Foundry last year, had built up a lot of hype for this event with tickets flying out as soon as they went on sale.

One of bassline’s rising stars, Notion, followed on from TTC resident Andy H, warming up the steady influx of ravers. Dropping ‘With U’ from Fine Art x Skepsis set the tone of the night off nicely. The upbeat, cyber-soaked bassline getting the crowd moving, it was a gentle track to kick off a night filled with heavy tunes. As Notion dropped ‘Hold It Down’ (another track by one of bassline’s best-known DJs – Skepsis), the crowd seemed to get down with the manic melting pot that is bassline.

Following on from Notion were Annix. Despite these two solid names having firmly rooted themselves in the UK drum and bass scene as individuals, Konichi and Decimal Bass joined forces to create Annix, in connection with DJ Hype’s legendary Playaz. The tone changed, from the erratic bassline soundtrack to the classic drum and bass sound that many of the audience seemed to be there for. The drop of Kanine’s heavy track ‘Calculate’ was met with cheers from the audience, pumping their fists along to the infectious sound.

Notion and Annix had definitely set the bar high for headliners, SASASAS. The crowd surged forward as the lads sauntered on stage. Whether they were there for the music or just the entertainment factor wasn’t clear, but what was is that they were full of energy and didn’t stop moving from the start to the end of their set. Highlights were definitely ‘Anthem VIP’ and Macky Gee’s infamous ‘Tour’, which saw event-goers open mosh-pits and jump on their mate’s shoulders, thrashing around to the notorious tracks. Their set was obscured by the MCs constant stream, which at points overtook the music. Once you take the jokes away from SASASAS, they become generic and can’t match the skill of the other artists who performed that night.

Closing the night was up-and-comer Mollie Collins, who tore her way into the scene with unmatched energy and an eclectic sound. Dropping immense track after track, including new song ‘Circuits’ from Souped Up Records’ Serum and Voltage, it’s clear she has an ear for creating huge mixes, showing her prowess as a DJ.

Although the headliners somewhat lacked the same skill as their counterparts, the night packed in some amazing DJs who all held their own and showcased their skills as artists. SASASAS are to be taken with a pinch of salt, if you’re a drum and bass elitist, then maybe they’re not the ones for you.

Image: Mike Carter


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