A new competition has opened giving students from the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam the opportunity to perform at the FlyDSA Arena at the Varsity Ice Hockey event on 27 March.

The competition, which was launched by Forge TV, invites both solo artists and bands from both universities to enter, however rules stipulate that groups “must not exceed a maximum of five members” and that “no live instruments are allowed throughout the competition”.

Organiser Alfie Robinson said: “Varsity Voice is a brand new Varsity competition from Forge TV alongside the Sports Officers at both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

“Open to both sets of students it enables one lucky winner to perform in front of over 8,000 of their fellow students at the FlyDSA Arena before the start of Varsity’s final event, the ice hockey.

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“The competition was designed to get more students involved with Varsity, especially those that may not be into sports.

“It also helps bridge the gap between students at both universities as students from Hallam will be helping Forge TV film the whole competition”.

Sports Officer Sarah Morse said: “I’m really excited to see the launch of the Varsity Voice competition as a new feature of Varsity this year.

“Varsity has the power to bring a diverse set of students together under one shared passion. So it’s great to feature Varsity Voice at the Ice Hockey Varsity final and it will hopefully engage even more people with this spectacular event.”

Uni of auditions are on 4 March, Hallam auditions on Friday 8 March with the final on Monday 18 March.

Find out more about Varsity Voice here.


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