There will be flash mobs, a vegan John’s Van burger and even the chance to win a night out with Sheffield’s Lord Mayor throughout Sheffield SU next week, as Sheffield RAG Week 2019 kick off their biggest year yet.

Sheffield Raising and Giving (RAG) is a Working Committee at Sheffield Students’ Union, run by a core team of 15, who put on events throughout the year to raise money for charity and support other students who want to do the same.

Sheffield RAG host the annual Spiderwalk charity hike in November, and RAG Week is their big second semester event during which they liaise with societies and sports clubs to raise money in exciting and unconventional ways.

Sheffield RAG’s Spiderwalk event. Image: Sheffield RAG

Joe Hewitt, Chair of Sheffield RAG, said they want this year’s RAG Week to be better than ever, with events ranging from dog walking and bake sales to stitching and belly dancing taster sessions.

“RAG Week is really our opportunity to take over the SU as much as possible,” he said. “We’re really lucky to have 370 societies here so we’re trying to get as many involved as possible.

“This year is the first year we’ve done it this way. This year we sent out a questionnaire and said right, if you’re interested in taking part in RAG Week, let us know what sorts of things you want to do. There’s a wide range of cultural and artistic performances as well as some sporting ones and all sorts.”

As well as the range of student run events, one way in which RAG are raising money is through a raffle to win a day with Magid Magid, Sheffield’s Lord Mayor.

The raffle will go on throughout RAG week, and the lucky winner will have the chance to have lunch with the Mayor, do some volunteering, do an escape room and finally go on a night out.

“It was great fun talking to him,” said Joe. “He had lots of great ideas, so once we settled the date and told him what we wanted to do and said we were happy to raise money for his charities we left it with him and he’s come up with this.

“The proceeds from the raffle will go to his chosen charities, and any money raised by RAG itself during RAG Week will go to one of his charities as well.”

The timetable of events for this year’s Sheffield RAG Week. Image: Sheffield RAG

The committee have also organised several RAG themed food and drink deals to be on sale throughout the week. This includes a special Coffee Revolution brownie, an Interval hot chocolate, and even deals with John’s Van, including the first ever vegan John’s Van burger.

“We’re trying to just get as many things as possible, just to get the reach of RAG as wide as possible,” said Joe.

“We’ll also be doing glitter and glow sticks on ROAR and Pop Tarts during the week. So that’s another way for people to get involved. So, if you’re either in ROAR or Pop Tarts, you can throw us a quid, be extra shiny and help the charities.”

RAG Week runs from Monday 11 to Saturday 16 March. For more information on the exciting events which will be running throughout the week, click here.


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