A vote to hold an immediate election for the newly introduced Society and Sports Councillor roles passed at a Students’ Union Council meeting last night.

The vote was held to decide whether an election would be held immediately for the roles, which were introduced after a referendum last month, rather than waiting until the full new SU Council is elected in October.

A simple majority was needed to pass the motion and it passed with votes 21-12 in favour. There were 12 abstentions, including most of the SU Officers, Forge Press have been told.

Initially Council declared that the motion fell, because they counted abstentions as against. However this was questioned, and SU President Lilian Jones said there would be a re-vote, which passed.

The roles were introduced after an historic entirely student-led petition for a referendum reached 1,000 votes, taking it to a referendum. The referendum passed, with the result being announced at SU Election Results Night.

“Now we can establish the positions within the Students’ Union”

Matt Shadrack, Chair of Societies Committee, was one of the leaders of the petition for the referendum and felt that it was important that the positions would have an immediate election.

He said: “Now we can establish the positions within the SU, familiarise students, staff and groups with them and ensure everyone aware of the new Councillors ready to hit the ground running next academic year.

“This will also maintain the momentum and enthusiasm of many students and groups who have passionately become involved in the campaign.

“There’s a lot of time left for these councillors to contribute in council meetings, but also in their respective committees and the wider SU, and I’m confident they will make a positive difference.”

Nominations for the elections are expected to open next week, with elections taking place before Easter. Any student is free to nominate themselves for one of the positions.


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