Nominations have opened for two new Sheffield Students’ Union Councillor positions, with voting to open and winning candidates to be announced next week.

The Societies and Sports Councillor roles have been introduced after an historic student led petition earlier this year forced a referendum, and last month over 2,000 students voted in favour of their introduction.

A proposal at SU Council last week to introduce the positions immediately, rather than waiting until the full new council is elected in October, passed with votes 21-12 in favour.

As well as sitting on SU Council, elected Societies and Sports Councillors will also have ex officio positions on Societies Committee and Sports Committee respectively, acting as a link between the bodies.

Nominations for candidates for the roles opened yesterday, with all students eligible to run for the positions.

Voting will be open for 24 hours, beginning when nominations close at midday on Wednesday 27 March, and closing at midday on Thursday 28 March. Candidates may only campaign during the voting period.

The winning candidates will be announced on Friday 29 March and will have their Councillor roles until the end of the academic year.

Find more information about the roles or nominate yourself here.


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