A Sheffield Hallam student’s unexpected new pigeon roommate has just taken its first step into parenthood.

Ben Wise, 19, from Altrincham, Manchester returned to Devonshire Courtyard Sheffield where he discovered that a pigeon, who had been living in his room, had finally hatched its eggs.

The Education student filmed his reaction this morning where he said: “I heard bird noises this morning. He’s hatched his little ‘pidglets’ but they don’t really come out much because he pretty much sits on them all day.

“Mate that’s a real life pigeon, it’s actually got babies. The pigeon is alive, bless!

“Danny boy, I’m proud of you. You’ve had your first kid. Hope the other one is coming soon. I don’t know what I’m going to say now, I’m just gassed.”

His feathery roommate, named “Danny Devito”, was left to raise its eggs in the student’s room until it had hatched. Ben has since named one of them “Beans”.

He said: “There is no action being taken towards the nest as you need to apply for a licence to move it which I am reluctant to do as I don’t want to disrupt Danny and his family.”

Ben returned to his dorm littered with bird waste and feathers on Wednesday 1 May. A pigeon had made a nest for its two eggs in his room while he was away over the Easter break.

His initial reaction was filmed and posted on Youtube, where he can be heard saying: “Tell me why a bird has gotten into my room and sh*t everywhere while I’ve been at home?

“Mate, this is insane. Tell me why this is a thing.”

He had originally left the window open to “keep the air fresh” for when he returned back to University, an idea he now advises against.

The story initially gained traction from a video shared on Twitter by user Pallet May, which garnered over 605,000 views.

Twitter user Livvy Croppley wrote: “How does he not know that a bird that’s laid eggs is a female?”

Another user by the username Domesticlala said: “Make him pay rent.”


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