The Students’ Union has elected a new cohort of SU Councillors, with the winners having been elected in a glamorous event at Raynor Lounge on Thursday 24 October.

It comes after three days of voting by students, to choose the 46 new departmental councillors, nine representative councillors, and, for the first time, electing the Societies and Sports Councillors for a full year-long term.

Students have also voted for eight delegates to represent them at the National Union of Students conference in Liverpool in April.

The SU has made efforts this year to increase the publicity around Council, in order to highlight the important work it does as the highest decision-making body in the Students’ Union, holding the SU Officers to account and approving new SU policies.

After the week of voting, the Council has a nearly full complement of councillors, although in some departments no candidates stood, or the winners have since resigned from the position.

In the Landscape and Russian & Slavonic Studies departments, no students nominated themselves, while in the French and Hispanic Studies departments both winners have since stepped down. Due to there being no other candidates, these positions will be elected in department-wide by-elections in the coming weeks, should they be approved by Council.

However, there may be disappointment that this year represented a big fall in the number of candidates for the roles, down almost a hundred on last year’s total.

The turnout for this year’s elections also fell, to 12.6 per cent from just over 15 per cent last year.

The first Council meeting of the year, when Officer’s objectives for the year will be approved by the new set of councillors, will take place on Thursday 7 November.

They will also elect a whole host of Council-approved role, including the Chair and Vice-Chair, as well as appointees to various Students’ Union committees.

The full list of councillors is:

Animal and Plant Sciences Laura Klages
Archaeology Olivia Chen
Architecture Hannah Maxey
Automatic Control and Systems Engineering Zahi Alqarni
Biomedical Science Ada Onuiuke
Chemical and Biological Engineering Quan Monrose-Dwyer
Chemistry Shangari Kalaichelvan
Civil and Structural Engineering Mark Ayad
Clinical Dentistry Andrzej Kasperek
Computer Science Fred Tovey-Ansell
Department for Lifelong Learning Rob Grover
East Asian Studies Angel Moxley
Economics Shefali Patel
Education Blanche Al-Awabi
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Mohamed Aboghazala
English Literature & Theatre Eleanore Speight
English, Language and Linguistics Flora Cornall
French The winner of this election has resigned the position
Geography Alex Adams
Germanic Studies Stephen Buckley
Hispanic Studies The winner of this election has resigned the position
History Christian Burrey
Human Communication Sciences Chesna Wu
Information Studies Ariel Shang
Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies Dimitris Boufidis
Journalism Xinran Cheng
Landscape No candidates
Law Emeka Nwamoh Okezie
Management School Tom Wang
Materials Science & Engineering Dennis Premoli
Mathematics and Statistics Matthew Coatman
Mechanical Engineering Tusharjeet Bhardwaj
Medicine Dominic Fairbrass
Modern Languages The winner of this election has resigned the position, and as a result, the runner up Harry Soughton is now the elect
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Emma Tapp
Music Matthew Luke
Philosophy Thomas Shields
Physics and Astronomy Maj Myszczynski
Politics Aisha Mahal
Psychology Shannon Dickinson
Russian & Slavonic Studies No candidates
ScHARR S M Hasan Ul Bari
School of Nursing and Midwifery Laura Bates
Sheffield Methods Institute Frank Maracchione
Sociological Studies Laura Davidson
Town and Regional Planning Richard Riggs

Societies Joel Kirk
Sports Dnieper Niu
Womens Lily Grimshaw
LGBT+ Elmo Huang
Disabled Students Yang Shi
BME CJ Simon
International Rachel Tan Ye Qing
PGT Cameron Mellowes
PGR Harsh Trivedi
Mature Nadja Horvat-Marcovic
Ethical and Environmental Keziah Spaine

NUS Delegates: Brandon Green, Lily Grimshaw, Dot Hakim, Natalia Mole, Charlie Porter, Martha Evans, Alfie Thomas, and Oliver Williams


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