After having supported the likes of The Wombats and Pale Waves in Sheffield, the female fronted quartet from Uxbridge, Bloxx, brought an infectious indie-pop headline set to Leadmill’s iconic steel stage.

Their seismic set started off with a personal favourite of mine: ‘Sea Blue’. The band’s contagious energy during the opening track certainly helped warm up the crowd. The room appeared like a wave as fans jumped in and out of sync with each other throughout the bouncy chorus. 

From the beginning, lead singer Ophelia Booth made sure to include audience participation as she confessed she had forgotten the words to one of her older songs. 

‘Your Boyfriend’, the first single released by the band back in 2016, proved quite a moment for some fans as they recited the lyrics back word for word. There was an instant sense of gratitude from the band, clearly displayed by their smiles and amazement at the crowds singing. It’s evident that from the bands reaction and the faithful set of fans filling the barrier at the front that there is a mutual respect there.

Then came the breezy classic, ‘Coke’. The melodic indie rock track was a fan favourite and probably one of the most catchy songs of the night. 

Continuing with the songs ‘Monday’, ‘Novocain’ and ‘Second Opinion’, the crowd was well and truly alive as the band rocketed through their set. One of the best parts of the night came from lead guitarist Taz who managed to get the guitar behind his head to play two tracks. Very impressive.

To no surprise, despite the gig being in Leadmill’s smaller second room, it did not stop fans getting on shoulders for one of the band’s most infectious tracks ‘You’. Ophelia was elated to see a young man on his friend’s shoulders as they pointed and sang the lyrics back to each other.

Despite the pop element inherent in the band’s DNA, it is clear from their live shows, that the four-piece do not shy away from an alternative sound as they inject a grunge-rock aspect to close off each live track. 

The band then played new songs ‘Hey Jenny’ and ‘Go Out With You’. The stomping new material is laying the foundations for an album as hinted by Ophelia, exciting fans further. 

Closing with their 2017 single ‘Curtains’ the band channeled aggression through their gripping riffs. There is a stylistic edge to this band which sets them apart from just any generic indie pop band out there; this will be a source for their success as much as their punchy records and individual likability.

Equipped with their formidable live presence, there’s no doubt fans will be readily anticipating their debut album, expected to drop in early 2020.


Image: Pomona


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