Students from Sheffield University today joined the Global Youth Climate Strike, taking to the streets to demand climate action.

Students gathered on the concourse outside the Students’ Union at 10:30am and heard talks on climate change from the likes of Womens’ Officer Rosa Tully, Natalia Mole, Development Officer Harry Carling, striking University and College Union (UCU) representatives and others. Those who wanted to address the crowd spontaneously were invited to do so by Carling.

Students chanted “Climate change, system change!” and “Switch to lean, switch to green, we want all our sources clean” before forming up to march to Devonshire Green, where the Sheffield Global Climate Strike took place.

Students had a rally before forming up to march where they listened to speakers

Marching past the IC and down on to West Street the protesters paused to sing happy birthday to one of the striking staff picketing outside Jessop West. Carrying on down West Street they chanted “Students and workers, unite and fight” and “Ohhh stop global warming” to the tune of Seven Nation Army. 

Locals and other students alike paused to watch as the march cascaded on to Devonshire Green where over 100 school strikers were waiting as part of the Global Climate Strike. Students were cheered on to the green by the waiting crowd, and as the two protests merged a brass band began playing.

Some of the crowd of school strikers waiting for the students to arrive on Devonshire Green

Speaking to Forge Press Harry Carling said: “Today’s Climate Strike was fantastic to see the momentum carry through from the last Global Climate Strike on September 20th. Seeing University students and staff marching in solidarity for something we all are fighting for was breathtaking to be a part of.

“We had many incredibly powerful speeches at our rally on the concourse, before all marching down to Devonshire Green to meet the striking school students. We’re now at a point where we all need to join the fold, school students have been leading the way in this fight which has been utterly inspiring, but they cannot do this alone.

“We’re living in a climate crisis and at this rate heading for utter devastation. People are already struggling and suffering in the Global South and it is vital governments, businesses and society transform the system we’re currently operating in.

“We need a systemic change to tackle what we have facing us and that is why we will never stop fighting for Climate Justice. It is crucial University staff and students stand in solidarity with the Youth Strikers who have been leading the fight thus far.”


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