First Buses have revealed that students have saved over £114,000 in the last six months since the reintroduction of the £1 bus fares. 

The £1 student bus fares were reintroduced in September thanks to negotiations led by Students’ Union President Jake Verity, and fares are set to remain at £1 until April at the earliest.

First’s fares were reduced back to £1 after being increased to £1.20 earlier in 2019. They operate bus routes such as the 95 to Walkley and the 52 to Crookes.

Verity also managed to negotiate with Stagecoach to reduce their student fares back to £1 in October of 2019. Stagecoach operate a number of popular bus routes around the city, including co-sharing the 120 with First.

“I’m really pleased and happy after promising students I’d introduce a £1 bus fare during my year as president that it’s had such a significant impact on our students,” Verity said.

The large savings of £114,000 show how frequently students use First Buses and value this price reduction. “Going forward, I hope all students feel empowered knowing their Students’ Union is standing up for them on issues such as transport and having a huge impact on their everyday life,” Verity added.


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