The indie cafe, bar and music venue, Cafe Totem, is to close management announced today.

The whole of mid-city house, home to Cafe Totem, is to be demolished as part of the redevelopment of the city centre. The British Heart Foundation, Beres Bakery and eurochange also have shops located at the bottom of the space, next to the Moor.

This means that Cafe Totem’s last night open will be Saturday 21 March, before they move their operation to Sidney & Matilda, less than 500 meters away from their current site.

In a statement posted to their Facebook, the Cafe Totem team said: “It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the upcoming closure of Café Totem. 

“The entire plot of mid-city house, including 23 Furnival Gate, will be demolished – meaning our last night open will be on the 21st of March 2020. We’ve had some awesome events on over the years and are proud to have worked with so many high quality musical acts, DJ’s, comedians and promoters.

“We’re excited to confirm that Sidney & Matilda will now be the home to all future live gigs, comedy and DJ nights.

“There is a full programme already in place, and we hope to continue the Café Totem ethic of quality events in a subterranean location.

“More information coming soon.

“Thanks to everybody who has been involved in making Café Totem one of the best venues in Sheffield. Please join us over the next few weeks for some great live music, beers and club nights. Everyone is invited to the final night, it promises to be a massive party.

“Thank you and much love,

“The Café Totem team.

“For enquiries about Sidney & Matilda, contact”


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