By now, you’ve probably heard the name Lizzo at least once, and for all the right reasons. Lizzo is the music industry’s patron saint of self-care and self-love; her lyrics have become gospel truth. Grinding for years, and still spreading her confident message to live your best life and love yourself, Lizzo has become a staple name in the music industry. 

Lizzo’s name sparks respect and strength; even more so in her infectious lyrics, there is a sense of community and self-boosting positivity for the days when we feel like we’re not enough. Lizzo is an outspoken, bold and prominent figure in the music industry nowadays. As a plus-size woman of colour Lizzo’s incredible success shines through a music industry which is known to be misogynistic and suffocatingly confined to narrow beauty standards.

Following her chart success with genre-blurring tunes like self-love anthem ‘Good as Hell’, song of the summer ‘Juice’ and break-up bop ‘Truth Hurts’. Lizzo’s unapologetic personality shines through, she isn’t afraid to repeat what is unheard and preach self-love and body confidence. Lizzo fights for self-acceptance, and her rapid success is no surprise with lyrics like ‘I know I’m a queen but I don’t need no crown’ and ‘I’mma marry me one day’ in ‘Soulmate’. In ‘Like a Girl’ she begins with the iconic lyric ‘Woke up feelin’ like I just might run for President’ and her audiences can’t help but agree that she should.

In a world of thickening tensions and growing divisions, catalysed with the age of Donald Trump, there is something undeniably important that Lizzo has exploded onto the music scene with a bedazzled bottle of tequila in one hand and her much-beloved internet sensation flute Sasha in the other. In a dark age of misogyny, racism, rigid beauty standards and hatred, Lizzo is like a ray of much needed sunshine radiating all the goodness that we as individuals have neglected from ourselves for so long. 

At Lizzo’s iconic 2019 Glastonbury set, she led a crowd-wide breathing exercise, further explaining: “I want you to know that if you can love me, you can love your god damn self. And if you don’t mind, I’d like to do a little mantra with you. I want you to go home tonight and look in the mirror and say, ‘I love you, you are beautiful, and you can do anything.’ I really want you to say that, because I believe that we can save the world if we save ourselves first.”

”We can save the world if we save ourselves first”; Lizzo’s words of wisdom that ring true, through a crowd of millions on their phones watching a video shared by their friends. Lizzo is changing the industry, she is breaking the mould and making space for the diversity of people who need to be represented and have their stories told. 

In a time where we are told to fit ourselves into the standard, the confining spaces that were not made for people like us in the first place – what to wear, what to look like, when to speak, and when to be silent – Lizzo’s music breaks the mould. It is difficult to pin it to one genre and it should not be confined to one space either. However, her message is essential – when you learn to love yourself, you can rule the whole damn world. Whether that be accepting your curves or finding your voice, Lizzo unites her audience in self-love and invites everyone to join in celebrating themselves with her catchy bops.


Image Credit: Andy Witchger


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