If self-isolation is getting you down, and if you’re anything like me, then chances are you might be scanning Netflix for something juicy to get you through these lonely days (there are only so many episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine out there). Luckily, Netflix has got you and your science cravings covered with their recently released documentary series, Pandemic. Yes, I’m serious, and so are the scientists that this series follows as they attempt to predict, prevent, and find cures for the next global pandemic. Eerily, the release of this six-part documentary series has happened to coincide with the very COVID-19 pandemic which we’re all experiencing now… coincidence much?

One thing is certain, this series will have you on the edge of your seat (or sofa or bed) as you learn about how potential pandemics are constantly being monitored and prevented before we even know about them. Moreover, we meet the incredible people whose job it is to prepare, plan for, and keep us all as safe as possible in such trying times. Granted, it’s scary stuff to be watching, but if you can get over the fear factor then this documentary series is well worth your quaran-time (sorry!), and will definitely give you a new appreciation for the scientists who are working hard behind the scenes to give the rest of us a fighting chance.

At best, learning of the hard work that goes into managing a global pandemic might actually provide some comfort, and at worst, it’ll keep you entertained and interested for a few hours.

Featured image: IMDB / Netflix.


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