During this strange time of quarantine and social isolating, we have found ourselves staying at home and thinking of things to let the days pass, and what have we turned to? Childhood nostalgia.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons could not have come at a better time. Under this quarantine period everyone is flocking to buy Nintendo Switches and immersing themselves in their own world without having to leave the house. Or, if you are like me and couldn’t find it within yourself to fork out over £200 for the console, I have kept myself busy on my old Nintendo DS, playing all of the games that defined my childhood. As well as the consoles from our youth, Disney+ has also found itself thriving. Whether you’ve already binge watched everything that Netflix had to offer or just fancy taking yourself back to the simpler days of Pixar and princesses, it helps the isolation period fly by.

I’ve been wondering why nostalgia has made such a comeback over this lockdown period. Does it give us a comfort blanket reliving our childhood memories, back to a time where everything was okay? Or is it simply a matter of going back to what we did when we were younger when we couldn’t leave the house ourselves, letting the DS and cheerful movies take up our time?

I have recently started taking up painting, drawing and baking again. These are by no means reserved as just children’s activities, but it is something I haven’t touched since my childhood, in school or during rainy Sundays. This again submerges me into a feeling of nostalgia – and it does give a feeling of comfort and make the days go by a lot easier.

What this nostalgic filled period of isolation does make me wonder is, what will we do when it is all over? Will the DS go back to being under the bed and the paintings forgotten, or will this quarantined time leave a permanent mark of wholesomeness and creativity?

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