For shoppers in England, wearing a face mask or face coverings has become compulsory in most indoor spaces. With almost 300,000 confirmed cases across the UK, face coverings or face masks have been mandatory on public transport since the 15th of June. As of the Friday July 24, all shoppers must wear a face covering in indoor shops and supermarkets, and any customers who do not comply will face a fine of £100.

The July 24 was a sunny Friday, the people of Sheffield were out in force, shopping and dining in outdoor restaurants, and the majority were wearing face coverings. Here is the city of Sheffield, in pictures:

Shop worker mans the door and wears protective equipment
Signs reminding shoppers of social distancing are dotted around the city centre
A woman waits for a tram, where masks are mandatory
A woman adjusts her mask on the way into a local supermarket
Cleaning in progress – portable toilets being cleaned, in Sheffield’s Peace Gardens
Adapt to survive – a couple sit in the open window of a restaurant on West Street, Sheffield
Women drop their masks between shops
Two women cross the road, while people queue for the bank in the background
A man wearing a mask walking down West Street
Sections of the city have been pedestrianised, and the local cafes and restaurants have monopolised on this and moved their tables outside
New normal – customers and staff wear face masks in a barber shop on West Street
Hairdresser and client, both wearing protective equipment, West Street
A woman walks the city centre wearing a mask
Signs outside shops give instructions to shoppers on how to navigate the new rules


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