A total of 479 people have now reported positive Coronavirus tests at the University of Sheffield with cases jumping by 272 over the weekend period. 

Figures released today show there were 98 new cases on Friday, 83 on Saturday and 91 on Sunday respectively. 

Students accounted for 269 of the positive tests, with the remaining three coming from University staff.

A University of Sheffield Spokesperson said: “We recognise how difficult it is for students who are new to Sheffield and need to self- isolate because of Covid-19 cases.

“To make sure we are supporting students in the best way possible, we will contact all students who are self- isolating to check on their welfare and offer practical and emotional support.”

On-campus teaching is expected to continue this week despite the sharp rise in cases and a stark warning from Greg Fell, the city’s Director of Public Health. Speaking to the BBC earlier today he said a local lockdown is “probably not that far off”, estimating it would likely take place within October.

However at Sheffield Hallam University, face-to-face teaching delivery has already been reduced as a ‘precautionary measure’ after 199 new cases were reported amongst staff and students since 1 October. 

In the wider city region, reported weekly cases have more than doubled from 91.8 per 100,000 people to 233.1. A jump that’s accompanied the movement of nearly 60,000 students into the area in time for the new academic year. 

The University of Sheffield’s Coronavirus dashboard which includes information for students self- isolating can be accessed here



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