The University of Sheffield has pledged to reach net-zero carbon emissions on campus by 2030 and across all activities by 2038.

The announcement places it among a small number of institutions that have committed to this level of transformational action in response to the climate emergency

The strategy is the latest step in the University of Sheffield’s sustainability journey, in which its students have played a key role. Working with University staff to embed sustainable changes across the institution, students are involved at every stage, ensuring this new sustainability strategy reflects their priorities and ambitions. 

Earlier this year, student representatives played a key role alongside staff in the University’s decision to switch procured campus electricity to a renewable supplier, Bryt Energy, ensuring that 100 per cent of procured electricity on campus will come from wind, solar and hydro sources.

President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Koen Lamberts, said: “The world is facing a climate emergency and universities are uniquely placed to respond to the global challenges that we face.

“We aim to become one of the most sustainable research-intensive universities in the country by aligning our research, teaching and campus to ensure sustainable practice across everything we do. We will become net carbon neutral on campus by 2030 and across all activities by 2038.

“The challenges we face are multifaceted and any action we take to overcome them requires a careful balance between environmental, economic and social factors to understand their full impact. But we will never lose sight of the urgent need to cut emissions, restore habitats and secure our planet for the future.”

Image: Rebekah Lowri


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