Piers Morgan. Yes, that guy. That one TV presenter people seem to either love or hate. But usually hate. The man that has no filter and, most of the time, his verbal diarrhoea seems to take control of both him and the Good Morning Britain show that he and Susanna Reid host together. 

If you don’t follow the news or social media, or perhaps live under a rock, here are a few reasons why people hate Piers Morgan…

I’m going to start off simple and talk about that time in June when Piers received 312 Ofcom complaints in the space of just four days. “How did this happen?” you might wonder; this was all due to the fact that Susanna Reid was trying to read out a government-issued statement, which was apparently too tough for Piers to handle. In her attempts to make the announcement, the child-like, middle-aged man sat there, on live TV with his fingers in his ears, refusing to listen. It’s not like people watching TV actually want to hear this kind of news.

This cooked up a lovely 221 Ofcom complaints in a single day. Pretty impressive, right?

Why did this happen? Well. Apparently, the Government had previously claimed that they were boycotting the show completely. Of course, Mr. Morgan being himself said: “If they’re boycotting us, I’m going to boycott their stupid little statements.” 

What a mature way to respond. Good job Piers!

Now, let’s rewind a couple of months and land ourselves in May. The time when we were all confused and living on furlough wages because Covid-19 swept us all by storm. This was when the world really started hating on Piers, perhaps because we had nothing better to do at the time than to get wound up by his selfish and irresponsible statements. 56,000 people went out of their way to sign a petition to get this man fired so that they wouldn’t have to watch him talk, and talk, and talk some more, on their favourite morning TV show.

Maybe his problem is simply the fact that everything is about Piers. Susanna Reid often just awkwardly sits there, allowing Piers to be Piers. Then again, if I was her, I truly don’t think I could be bothered to bite back either.

There was also that time in 2019 when an aquarium in London labelled a penguin as gender neutral and announced that it would be adopted by a same-sex penguin couple. Of course, Piers Morgan had his strong opinions about this matter, saying that people, or animals, could not just be whatever they wanted. In his attempts to support this argument he said: “I’m a penguin. I’m identifying as a two-spirit penguin. Everyone happy with that?”, followed by claiming that he was a: “two spirit, gender neutral, pan neutral, gender fluid, femme penguin”.

I get the impression he just likes upsetting people.

So, I think I’ve made it pretty clear at this point that Piers Morgan certainly has an army of hatred chasing him around, but what about the folk that love him?

A lot of people enjoy the way he speaks the truth (or at least what he believes to be the truth), and the way he really does not care a tiny bit about what people think about it. This man really has no shame; I mean he was allegedly involved in that hacking scandal at the Daily Mirror but actively denies being a part of it.

I must be truthful; the man can be funny. Sometimes. Like that time when Harry Hill threw a pie full of cream in his face on Good Morning Britain, leaving the studio in an awfully awkward silence, to which Piers retaliated by throwing a similar pie in Susanna’s face. Then again, maybe it was Harry Hill who was the funny one there.

The only small bit of respect I have for this man is that even he absolutely hates Katie Hopkins. Which means he does have a heart and conscience; they may be small but they’re definitely there. Which is a relief because can you imagine if the pair of them started a show together? Then again, it would probably receive so many complaints that it would immediately get taken down.

And that is why Piers Morgan is the marmite of celebrities.

Image: Pete Riches via Flikr


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