The Isis Nicole Magazine is a Brooklyn and Chicago-based publication which celebrates the talents of contemporary artists across the globe, promoting authenticity and bridging communities through art, fashion and music. Established in 2013, their newest edition was released on 16 October 2020 and contains over 200 pages of content from 30 cities and 60 contributors to inspire readers. It can be purchased through their website for $38. More information, along with content, can be found at 


Could you give us an idea of how and why Isis came about? What is its mission and who are the faces behind it?

Sure thing. My first name is Isis and my middle name is Nicole- and it just worked out perfectly being able to self-title The Isis Nicole Magazine. Having my own magazine has been a dream as long as I can remember … since age nine9 actually. I grew up in the 90’s – so long ago – and magazines were a mostly- popular as well as accessible way to be introduced to fashion, music, culture etc. My very first interview took place in thi3rd grade actually. I interviewed my pastor for a class project and then from there my interest in storytelling continued to develop – writing for my high school paper and then studying journalism at Columbia College Chicago. 

I created The Isis Nicole Magazine in 2013 and later, our graphic designer Hannah Black joined in 2014, and fast forward to 2019, that’s when our senior photo editor joined, and so those are the core team members in terms of decision making of layout and open discussions on what we want to explore in each issue. And then of course, our rotation of awesome contributors come from across the globe. 🙂 Our mission is to become a powerful network where dreams come true; enabling talent to confidently express themselves through visual collaboration and storytelling.


How accessible do you think contemporary art is to women from BAME backgrounds? 

I’m of the mindset that you can find what you seek. And if you don’t see what you want, create it. There’s so much out there to uncover and to celebrate that is both old and new, but you have to do your research. 


How can the media contribute to the success of contemporary art? 

Media is so powerful! When the media simply spotlights or shares a story, it can help contribute to the success of contemporary art, giving that stamp of approval. 


What do you think The Isis Nicole Magazine offers to women?

The Isis Nicole Magazine offers a flexible opportunity to help get ideas across no matter your identity. That’s all we care about really. Nuance and authenticity. 


You mention in your Sspotify story that your magazine ‘celebrates the gifts and messages of contemporary artists worldwide’: how can society best do this outside of reading your publication?

Keep an open mind, do your research, step outside of your comfort zone, and understand what motivates you personally. I think by applying those sorts of things in daily life, you will see the results of empathy show up from human to human. 


Where does the future of the magazine lie?

I’m not sure to be honest, but I would love to see it in more home collections, art archives, universities, and local grocery stores. Maybe even in a Hulu series! We would make a great mini T.V. show. 


What do you think the future of contemporary art looks like for female artists, particularly women from BAME backgrounds?

I hope it looks both honest and inclusive so that we can have a better understanding of different life experiences and also the parts of our shared human experience that are the same. 

The Isis Nicole team: Ji Yeo, Isis Nicole, Hannah Black. Image from


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