The rich elixir that we all know as coffee has become a necessity for many uni-students’ routines. Yet with the recent closure of our beloved coffee shops and eateries, getting that sought after caffeine-fix has become a little problematic, but that’s not to say that it’s impossible. While we can’t currently sit in, countless establishments are offering customers the chance to take away their fresh brews and bakes – but where to find them? Here I present you with four Covid-secure ways to boost your energy whether at home or out. 


Takeaway choices

Steam Yard – For those who don’t already know, Steam Yard is a true Sheffield favourite. Situated in the middle of Division Street, it’s one to take a note of for visiting – even though it is a shame that we currently can’t enjoy the bustling environment that they usually offer. A personal recommendation would be their sticky cinnamon rolls; a favourite of mine when paired with a flat white.

Coffika –  Why not start off a crisp, autumnal stroll through Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens with a pit stop at Coffika? Found half-way down Ecclesall Road, Coffika are currently offering a takeaway service to customers consisting of rich brews with ornate coffee art, alongside several humble cakes. The cake in the photo is a blueberry muffin with an elderflower and pistachio icing – take note of that one, it’s great! 

Recommended by the author: Coffika’s blueberry muffin with an elderflower and pistachio icing. Photo courtesy of Emily Evans.

Coffee Revs, SU – A more affordable alternative that can be picked up on the way to a library session, or a wander around Western Bank Park is Coffee Revs. With an array of flavoursome, sweet syrups to jazz up any drink to your own taste, it’s one that is definitely worth visiting as the winter nights roll in. 


Frappuccino who? 

Starbucks are renowned for their designer, 30-ingredient, polysyllabic drinks, and the Frappuccino is one of them (and an expensive one too!). A homemade rendition, however, has become somewhat of a household favourite. 



2 tablespoons of instant coffee

2 tablespoons of sugar

2 tablespoons of boiling water

100-120ml of milk (depending on how milky you prefer)

3 ice cubes 



1 – In a mixing bowl, use a hand held blender (a whisk will work too but will take a little longer) and mix the coffee, sugar and boiling water together until a fluffy texture starts to emerge. The sugar is the active agent that forms the fluffiness so, if you’re on a health kick, reduce the sugar by half but whisk for longer. 

2 – In a glass, add your ice cubes and milk, followed by adding your thick coffee mixture slowly to get that perfect coffee-shop aesthetic. 

3 – Stir well before drinking, and enjoy! 

Homemade frappé. Photo courtesy of Emily Evans.


Coffee shop, copycat / A third and final alternative 

When I bought my cafetière a year ago, I expected that it would only ever come out once in a blue moon for I thought it was quite an expensive luxury to maintain… when really, it’s quite the contrary. The cafetière itself was only £5 from John Lewis, and when paired with Aldi’s own-brand French ground coffee blend, it works out as quite the student-friendly alternative to coffee shop brews. 

To make, simply add a scoop of your ground coffee into your cafetière, pour boiling water to the brim and let sit for 3 minutes. Pour into your favourite winter mug and enjoy!




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