Fringe Blog: Brace yourself, the wibbles are coming

The wibbles are coming for you…

Rehearsals for the shows I am involved in at the Edinburgh Fringe are definitely unlike those of any show I have worked on previously. This past week, I have been based in Oxford, and felt a lot like I was at some kind of crazy, gin-fuelled Theatre Camp.

Meeting the rest of the company of Two Shades of Blue was initially a bit scary, but the realisation that they were basically just clones of my friends who had been enhanced with shinier accents hit me in the end (as did the effects of the wine), and “we all lived happily ever after”, so to speak.

As a technician, my job for the show doesn’t really take effect until next week, when we ‘bump in’ to the theatre on Monday and I do battle with the lighting board, but that didn’t mean that I’ve enjoyed a week of slacking off… however much I might have hoped it.

Set and prop construction quickly became a fact of life (as did watching Thai Chi on the roof of Corpus Christi College – I know, get me!), and I quickly became one with the paint. By which I mean that no matter how many showers I have, I don’t think the purple splodges are coming off my legs any time soon! Set painting: I’m doing it wrong.

Demonstrating how I am mostly paint

My favourite props to construct are undoubtedly the wibbles, evil bad guys from our show Quantum Battlestar Deep-Space Voager Tardis Wars: The Million Dollar Space Epic. They may look harmless, but guys, those things are EVIL. You will know exactly what I mean when you have asked how many you need to make and simply been told “yes”. Yes is a LOT of wibbles.

Watching the rehearsals for the shows (while making wibbles. Of course) was wonderful. My show, Sherlock Holmes and the Sound of the Baskervilles is shaping up wonderfully, and the sword-fighting it involves is making me a bit jealous that I’m not on stage. A special shout out goes to Gareth, who is playing Watson and has surely been cultivating his moustache for a while now, specially to reprise his sell-out role from 2010.

While I’m back home now for a family “thing”, the casts and crew are bracing themselves for preview night (and are probably still asleep) – so break a leg, one and all. I’ll see you tomorrow… in Edinburgh! Eek!


Gratuitous mention to our other show, Back to the Future: The Pantomime!


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