Despite looking like a Disney animation and opening with a musical number, Sausage Party is definitely not one for those that don’t appreciate constant profanity and over the top sexual innuendos.

The movie tells the story of food on sale in supermarket Shopwell’s and how they long for “the great beyond”. This dream comes crashing down when sausage Frank (Seth Rogen) discovers the truth about “the great beyond”.

Although the other food, including Frank’s bun-girlfriend Brenda (Kristen Wiig), first find this revelation hard to digest, they eventually realise that the “gods” (i.e. humans) do not actually bring them to the promised land, but instead take them to their doom!

Like any classic Seth Rogen film, it is full of drug references, including sausages smoking the devil’s lettuce and bath salts playing a role in the storyline. Plus, the cast is studded with Rogen’s usual crowd including James Franco (Druggie), Jonah Hill (Carl the sausage) and Michael Cera (Barry the deformed sausage). Unusually for any film, the villain of the story is a vaginal douche called “The Douche” (Nick Kroll) with the catch phrase “come at me bro” there’s no surprise how he got this name.

Although the premise of Sausage Party is quite simple, there are about three different story-lines going on during the film which all join together in a clever way, resulting in an exciting end to the film. Throughout there are key themes about religion’s effect on society in the context of both sex and horrible actions that are done in the name of deity. These messages are clear throughout the film, but are not always delivered in the best manner, seeing as the movie relied heavily on crude racial stereotypes.

After about an hour and a half of sexual innuendos (some funny but some were just plain dull), the ending really takes the biscuit with a very graphic food orgy which goes on for so much longer than it should. To conclude, the film is ideal if you are looking to see what is the weirdest movie of the year, if not decade.

Aisling Power



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