The MMORPG World of Warcraft will be 12 years old in November, seeking to redeem itself from the disaster which was previous expansion ‘Warlords of Draenor’. While ‘Warlords of Draenor’ saw some initial hype at its launch, it became quickly apparent the expansion had very little content, instead segregating players into their own phased bubbles (garrisons) meaning they never really saw the world.

With the subscriber count hitting its lowest point, Blizzard had to do something drastic. What better method than bringing back the Burning Legion? The first expansion, ‘The Burning Crusade’ was the game’s most popular, and Blizzard hoped to rekindle that love for demon-slaying in the latest expansion ‘Legion’. But how does it shape up?

In truth, it’s difficult to say just yet. As previously mentioned, ‘Warlords of Draenor’ had a lot of love at the beginning. It is worth mentioning however that ‘Legion’ saw one of the smoothest launches Blizzard have ever pulled off, with very little server lag or lockouts. In the first few weeks however it does seem that pretty much all complaints have been addressed.


Class Halls are perhaps the biggest feature of this expansion, and are exactly what garrisons should have been. Each class has a unique building designed around the theme of the class where they can hang out and complete class specific missions which makes the player feel like their class choice was actually vaguely important for once.

Additionally, players now receive ‘Artefact’ weapons which fit with class and even specialization lore which once again helps to remind players of the importance of their class. Although it could be seen as quite gimmicky, there’s something very satisfying about wielding weapons so prominent throughout World of Warcraft lore.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect is the new levelling system. Whereas previously, there would be a set series of zones to complete, players can do any of the new expansion zones in whichever order they prefer. Through some sort of wizardry, Blizzard have managed to make it so that players of different levels can play together but still be fighting mobs scaled to their own personal level. Truly an outstanding innovation from Blizzard.

Other new additions see tweaks to endgame content which look promising, such as mythic dungeons and PvP-only abilities, but it is too early in the expansion to really tell how successful these features will be.

There has clearly been a lot of work put into the storytelling this expansion. Each zone has a compelling and interesting storyline, while the overarching story succeeds at being ever-present and engaging.

Overall, this promises to be one of the best expansions to the game, and could certainly see the title lifted close to its previous heights.



  1. The new leveling system sucks. Blizzard developers are needy, first, they nerfed everyone off of flying mounts so we would be forced to spend exponentially more time in game looking at their work, riding to flight paths, being attacked by mobs, in general, doing less stuff WE want to do, because it takes more time to do what they make us do.. Now, they decided to “help us” by making mobs level up to your level with you.. So, you can’t farm for your tradeskills, because your agro radius never really changes EVER, so flying over mobs you didn’t feel like killing? Well (you can’t fly over them,) and if you try to ride by them,, well farming is now an endless kill quest.. Then when all levels are the same,,, how do you figure which one to go to?? There is a total lack of any kind of normal progression or path to guide you through leveling? Also when all the level are the same,,, well remember going to those end-expansion higher-level zones and getting nice blue gear that you could usually get pretty close to heroics/LFR with? Yeah, no. Now, because all the levels are the same, you get a bunch of crap green gear that will barely let you into a normal instance, instances which have ginormous wait-times because the rewards for those instances are crap too… Gimme back the old leveling system.

  2. I can’t argue with the “no flying” quibble. It’s annoying as heck trying to make a living doing the gathering professions, especially after reaching max level (110) and not needing the XP from killing the numerous mobs that are in the way of those valuable fjarnskaggl flowers. The requirements for achieving the ability to fly in Legion are so steep that I doubt even 20% of players will ever be able to reach that goal.


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