Cupola is about to be ‘Caught in the act’!

The exhibition explores how we all, to a lessor or great extent, ‘put on an act’ in our everyday lives.

“In everyday encounters, I see something else quite fascinating happening beneath the surface. It could be a restless energy or unspoken words, all tangled up with different emotions. I use this to conceive characters and situations to reveal an imagined world. I want to compel the viewer into seeing new and significant aspects of the human experience of our time.” Corinna Button

Fallen Angel. Credit: Cupola Gallery
Fallen Angel. Credit: Cupola Gallery

Corinna will be presenting around 40 new pieces of work in her 5th solo show at Cupola. Corinna has exhibited with Cupola for nearly all of its 25 years in business. Recently returned from living in Chicago this will be her first solo show since moving back to the UK.

Director of Cupola Gallery, Karen Sherwood describes ‘Caught in the act’ as a “body of work where Corinna is interested in trying to capture the tension between who we are and what we reveal to the world.”

The majority of these new works are portraits which almost fill the entire picture plain. The faces are all female although some are more androgynous than others. The surface quality of her works is very important to Corinna and this is much in evidence with layers of textures and mark making very prominent in both her mixed media paintings and in her trademark multi process original prints. Often Corinna uses a limited palette of dark umber, deep crimson, dark blues and black but there are some striking exceptions in this exhibition with a rich pink exploding onto the scene.

Caught in the act by Corinna Button
22 October – 19 November
Preview: Friday 21 October, 7:30-9:30pm – hospitality provided


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