Watching The Girl On The Train is a bit like arriving at the station and then realising that you’ve forgotten your railcard, before eventually deciding to proceed with the big budget journey only to be left with the underwhelming feeling that the whole journey could have gone a lot better.

Sadly, in spite of its eminent plot potential and star-studded cast, this ostensibly promising movie arguably fails to leave its platform. Travel puns aside, the story is told from the perspectives of three women: Rachel (Emily Blunt), a lonely alcoholic still bitter from the failure of her marriage; the current wife of Rachel’s ex-husband, Anna (Rebecca Ferguson); and Anna’s family nanny, Megan (Hayley Bennett). Rachel rides the train all day, pretending to her flatmate (Laura Prepon, Orange is the New Black) that she is working, when she is in fact travelling to observe her old neighbourhood and the folks currently residing there, specifically Megan and her striking ex -husband (Justin Theroux).

Don’t be quick to judge the leading protagonist – who hasn’t drunk stalked, dialled, and tried to steal the child of their former husband? Rachel is indeed an extremely obsessive and fascinating character. It’s disappointing, therefore, that Blunt’s performance as this disturbing figure of burning resentment does nothing to illustrate her talent as an actress. Let’s put it this way: her portrayal of Rachel fails to bare resemblance to Glen Close’s performance in Fatal Attraction. At times, her acting in the movie is hard to watch; it even becomes ridiculous to watch, somewhat like observing a 40 year old on a hen night as opposed to a woman on the cusp of insanity.

Disappointingly, the denouement of the movie is in no way shocking. Its ending is anticlimactic, by the end I was still waiting for the nail biting suspense to begin. The only character who leaves a remote impression on the audience is Megan – and she’s absent for the greater part of the film! If I were you, I’d leave this train-wreck of a movie and would proceed to demand a reimbursement for the ticket.

Hannah Dodd



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